My goal  in  designing  and  fabricating  jewelry is to achieve a line and flow reflecting forms that occur in nature.
I love to find and seek the materials   themselves   create  their own flow.
For example my silver wavy tube series, first I cut a pattern of thin silver plate for making tube.
After I soldered seam of tube I made, I bend that tubes to their utmost limit while maintaining   a smooth curve,  stopping  just before the tube creases or folds.
At this very moment, the silver tube takes such an intense and vibrant shape that it appears as if it occurs naturally and was not intentionally created.
In the end, the lines reflect the characteristics of each material I choose, such as the thickness of the silver tube, or the size of  the different  stones.
I’d like my work to achieve spontaneity with the natural world.
I ‘d like to make  shape with inner message.
I wish to create wearable  sculpture  with essence of  inspiration.



Junko Stickney is from Kanazawa in Japan, educated at the Arts and Crafts University kanazawa in Japan where she received a BFA in Metal Forging.

1977 She moved to Tokyo in Japan and work at Wahei Ikezawa Studio who is Craft Design Artist for 5years. At the sametime she studied Japanese Traditional Metal Crafts work for 10 years from Moriyuki Katsura.

1984 she decided to go travel around world.
Since then she had worked as a bench jeweler /designer
1990 She moved to California,
She has been working from her home studio Majime KoBo designing original pieces and selling them through various galleries and Craft Fair around the Bay Area and in Japan.

KANABISM Ishikawa Exihibition in Kanazawa, Japan '16
KANABISM Exibition in Kanazawa, Japan '16
The BYOBU Exihibition in Kanazwa Japan '16
Metal It's only natural  Exhibition Acci gallery '16
East Bay Pro Arts open Studio ‘09~’16
Own show at Seika Gallery in Tokyo ‘11
The Japan Crafts Exhibition ’82,’12, ‘14
Metal Arts Guild Fair ‘92~94, Live Oak Park fair ‘92~94,04, KPFA Craft Fair ’92, 93 , California State fair’93,
Japanese Traditional Metal Work Exhibition ’87, ’90, ‘92



1977(S52年) 金沢美術工芸大学工芸デザイン鍛金科卒業
1977−82 池沢和平氏師事(金美ID卒)
1983 岩倉康二氏主宰 スタジオビスに勤務 
1978−90 伝統工芸 故桂盛行氏、盛仁氏(現人間国宝)師事
1984 欧米、北アフリカ7ヶ月の遊行
1990 渡米、北カリフォルニア州サンフランシスコ近郊に移住 
1998−00 PAVEジュエリーで宝飾職人として勤務
2000〜 真面目工房設立
Metal Arts Guildの会員
2004、11 金の美展覧会に参加
2010 MAG 展覧会
2010〜16 UPTOWNグループ展、地元のPro Arts Open Studioに参加
2016 Metal It's only natural  Exhibition  Acci gallery
KANABISM展  21世紀美術館
The BYOBU  21世紀美術館

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